• One World Romania 2012
  • One World Romania 2012
  • One World Romania 2012
  • One World Romania 2012
  • One World Romania 2012


One World Romania at Cronograf! ONE WORLD ROMANIA AT CRONOGRAF!
11 April, 2012

This year, on May 10th - the first day of Cronograf International Documentary Film Festival, we will screen 5 documentaries from the One World Romania 2012 selection.The film officially opening Cronograf's 10th edition is brought to you by One World Romania. Three years after the violent protests in the Republic of Moldova, we'll bring to Chisinau the documentary which ended One World Romania's fifth edition -

One World Romania Re-runs ONE WORLD ROMANIA RE-RUNS
02 April, 2012

Starting with March 27th we started re-running a part of the films in the One World Romania 2012 s...

First Day for One World Romania 2012 FIRST DAY FOR ONE WORLD ROMANIA 2012
13 March, 2012

Today, Thuesday, 13th we started the festival. From 19h00 we are waiting for you at Scala Cinema with a special concert Shamanelis...

Tickets, festival passes, t-shirts and some other sorts of goodies only at OWR 2012! TICKETS, FESTIVAL PASSES, T-SHIRTS AND SOME OTHER SORTS OF GOODIES ONLY AT OWR 2012!
09 March, 2012

In the network TicketFan, you can find available 5 entry tickets for 30 RON at ( http://bit.ly/zTzdpH ) for which you also receive...