6th edition of OWR festival
05 April, 2013
One World Romania 2013 Reruns

One World Romania 2013 Reruns

Starting with April 8th, One World Romania brings a few of this edition's films back to Bucharest. Each Monday in April, we invite you to the Documentary Mondays screenings of the Czech Centre in Bucharest, and on Thursdays, at the Film Thursdays programme of the European Public Space. The schedule of the One World Romania 2013 reruns is the following: April 8th / 20:00 / Czech Centre – more

Jon Bang Carlsen
Jon Bang CarlsenJust the Right Amount of Violence

Jon Bang Carlsen, born in 1950, graduated from the Danish Film School. Virtually unknown in Romania, Jon Bang Carlsen is a 62 year old director who - although he has a living legend status in his own country - continues to search and to innovate just like a young director at his debut. He started his career in the 1970s with actor-oriented films, only to migrate later towards that certain no man's land between documentary and fiction. For 8 years he lived in South Africa, he filmed in Ireland and the United States, and now he lives on a remote farm in Denmark. He is interested in the creation process and the relation to the subjects rather than in the final product, which explains why his films are so hard to classify. Films: First I Wanted to Find the Truth (1987), How to Invent Reality (1996), It’s Now or Never (1996), Addicted to Solitude (1999), Purity Beats Everything (2007), Just the Right Amount of Violence (2013). Interview.