After the Silence

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Dupa tacere

Romania / France, 2012, 96'

Après le silence

Vanina Vignal

Youth: Handle with Care


Memory is intangible and fleeting. Capturing it is never an easy task. In recent years, Romania had to deal with a large spectrum of 'crises of memory', from amnesia to a super-saturation with alternative, conflicting memories about the communist past. Some pasts were remembered and commemorated, while some others were neither remembered nor talked about. So was the case of Ioana Abur's memories of her teenage years spent during communism: at the heart of her narrative we find silence, fear and the unsaid - all traces of the lives lived by her and her family during the now defunct political regime.

It takes time until people and nations are ready, able or willing to face their past, particularly those pasts which were wrecked through prolonged silence. In Ioana’s case, it takes the camera held up to her face by her long-time friend Vanina. Living in a future that is wildly different from what she - and most Romanians - expected, Ioana struggles to remember the past that conditioned her imagination and to break out of the silence that froze that past inside her. Vanina Vignal's personal project explores the possibility to bring out in the open the things that remained unsaid and to repair the damages done by the necessity to remain silent. Twenty years after, we are reminded again and again that "it is not enough to kill the dictator to kill dictatorship".


13 March, 18:00, Cinema Corso

14 March, 16:00, Cinema Union


Romanian, French, English


English, Romanian


NOVEMBREproductions / Mobra Films


International Women's Film Festival in Créteil, France, 2013
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Festival International du Film Francophone de NAMUR, Belgium, 2012
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