Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

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Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Sweden / Denmark / Germany / USA / UK, 2011, 90'

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Fredrik Gertten

Propaganda Lectures


BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* is an ‘unplanned’ documentary, part of a recent crop of filmed accounts that testify to a new scale of aggression against documentary filmmakers. In 2009, Fredrik Gertten's documentary, BANANAS!*  reported on a successful action brought by Nicaraguan plantation workers against the Dole Food Company. Soon after that, the film-maker started documenting Dole’s ruthless campaign to discredit the film and prevent its release. Gertten’s personal David-and-Goliath story follows the legal processes initiated by Dole against the film production company, and examines the ways in which mainstream media can be controlled by coordinated corporate pressure. Touching on brand protection, corporate bullying, unscrupulous scare tactics and PR-spin, the film is a cautionary tale about the vulnerability of the film industry and the press - a lesson for all documentary filmmakers planning to embark on similar endeavours. It also reminds everybody that documentary films are ‘versions of reality’ that may sometimes find themselves set against other ‘versions’ tested and proven in the courtroom. What remains is the point made by a member of the Swedish Parliamant on seeing Gertten’s film: “The thing about the freedom of speech is that it applies to everybody: even to the bad guys, and even to the people trying to abolish freedom of speech”.


16 March, 22:00, Cinemateca Eforie

17 March, 14:00, Cinemateca Eforie


English, Swedish, Spanish


English, Romanian


WG Film


Paris International Human Rights Film Festival, France, 2013
Human Rights Human Wrongs Documentary Film Festival Oslo, Norway, 2013
Goteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, 2013
Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival, Finland, 2012
official Selection Sundance, USA, 2012
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011