Hate is Bad for your Health

Motto: "All this talk about human rights is getting on my nerves." (Anwar Congo in The Act of Killing)

"I wonder if the people I’ve tortured felt the same as I do now.
– They felt much worse, because you know that this is just a film, and they knew they were going to die.
" (same)

The Act of Killing, the flagship film of this section, has a lot in common with Lanzmann's Shoah. But unlike the Nazis, the assassins in Oppenheimer’s film have won and built a world in their image and likeness. The face of hate is fascinating, and the power of the documentary film sits in reenacting the crime scene with the real characters. Even assassins transform then. Be it about Norwegian or Greek Nazis, the films in this section look with understanding into the souls of those who hate. Before it boils over, its roots grow slowly, soundless, among us. It even manifests itself reasonably, if you speak with old Czechs that hate their gypsy neighbours.

Mass-media comes up in this chapter as well, feeding the demons (for more, see the section "Propaganda Lectures"). The editor-in-chief of a Ugandan newspaper publishes daily lists of homosexuals, giving their names and addresses. Some of them don’t live to see the next edition of the paper. Israeli soldiers, between two clashes with Palestinians, take part in a class about human rights. They left their weapons at the door, but prejudice is much harder to leave out. What would happen if people wouldn’t tame their urges? Watch The Turner Film Diaries: the world would look something like this if hate would be unleashed unrestricted.

Love film is a well-known genre. Why not hate film as well?

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