Jon Bang Carlsen Masterclass

13 March, 12:00

Czech Centre, 11 Ion Ghica Str.

We have picked Jon's remarkable work for this year's retrospective because it is doubled by a deep reflection on the nature of film and its relationship to reality. About this and more, Jon Bang Carlsen will speak during his masterclass at One World Romania. He will show excerpts from various films and will explain how he works. Most of his methods – reenacting scenes with real people, using montage in an unorthodox way etc. – would seem unethical to the purists of cine verite. Yet, Jon's films manage to be sincere, truthful and correct to their characters.

Jon has pushed the boundaries of documentary, breaking many so-called rules. There are – and have been - a lot of people who are solemnly trying to impose what documentary should be. Errol Morris, whom we also honor this year through screening The Thin Blue Line, has been talking about the documentary film police. At One World Romania, we sympathize with these law-breakers. Jon's work is a statement of artistic freedom. Isn't this a human right too?