Andy Glynne Masterclass

14 March, 12:00

Czech Centre, 11 Ion Ghica Str.

Andy Glynne and documentary animation (article from Decat o revista)

Bafta award winning documentary filmmaker, producer, author and clinical psychologist Andy Glynne comes to Bucharest to host a masterclass where he will be speaking to the audience about his most appreciated projects, about animated documentary and, most importantly, about mental health and ways of dealing with the topic in documentary.

He is the author of the critically acclaimed book "Documentaries and How to Make Them" and also the founder and chief executive of DFG – Documentary Filmmakers Group, a national organization working to promote documentary filmmaking talent and innovation in the UK. Andy is the creator and director of the renowned series of animated documentary shorts – "Animated Minds" (2003) – a groundbreaking project that aims to communicate the subjective experience of mental health problems to a wider audience, drawing on the testimony of people who have experienced mental distress. "Seeking Refuge" (2012) is another series of animated documentaries produced by Andy that explores the experiences of young refugees living in the UK.

Andy Glynne is also the producer of the series "Why Poverty?" for BBC - an eclectic compilation of short documentaries taking a fresh look at poverty in the UK.