Official Opening of One World Romania 2013 - Little World

11 March, 19:30

Cinema Patria, 12 Gheorghe Magheru Blvd.

Admission is free of charge.

If it's March, it's One World Romania! The 6th edition of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival brings 57 films and 35 guests from 27 countries, for 7 days, in Bucharest. We dearly welcome you at the 95 screenings!


The evening will begin with a concert by the young members of the Rahova-Uranus community, organized with the support of laBOMBA - Community Centre for Education and Active Art.

We will then continue in the same youthful vein, the film screening during the opening ceremony being Little World, directed by Marcel Barrena, a documentary that tells the story of a 20 year old boy from Barcelona, who travels to New Zealand. We will follow Albert throughout 30.000 km, 200 days, with 20 euros in his pocket, and a great deal of ambition.


"Little World" ("Món petit")
(Spain, 2012, 84')
director: Marcel Barrena

VO: Catalán, English
SUBTITLES: English, Romanian


"We couldn't get it all on film or it wouldn't have happened", says Albert, an all-smiling, 'differently-abled' twenty-year-old from Barcelona, about the lively, crisp footage gathered from his 200 day trip to the other end of the world, with his 'technically abled' girlfriend, his small video camera, and some €20 in his pocket. Albert is into globe-trotting and his most ambitious adventure is to travel the globe up to East Cape in New Zealand - the exact antipode of his home. There is not much that Albert can't do and hardly anywhere that he can't go, as the film demonstrates in upbeat, uninhibited cine-verité fashion. But the real story begins only when we start looking back at Albert's medical history: although recounted in positive tones, fit for Albert's unsinkable, happy-go-lucky nature, it still involves a bunch of scary medical terms which don’t even begin to contain the health crisis overcome by Albert during his childhood.

The young man that he became after surviving loves happiness, freedom, love and the kindness of strangers. And there is hardly anybody else better than him to remind us that accessibilization is not only about doors and stairs, but also about minds and views: "A wheelchair, in itself, is like wearing glasses or being dressed differently, nothing more". One of the most genuinely inspirational films from this year’s program, Little World won the Youth Jury prize at IDFA Amsterdam in November 2012.