Selling Docs = Mission Impossible?!

17 March, 12:00

Czech Centre, 11 Ion Ghica Str.

Participants: Esther van Messel (Switzerland), Rada Sesic (The Netherlands), Andrea Kuhn (Germany).

It is a recognized paradox that the rise of documentary film has become its greatest danger. So many films are produced for less and less money throughout the world. Everybody can grab a decent camera, shoot and place an edit online. Meanwhile, television – which has been the main consumer and sponsor of documentary – is facing the unpredictable effects of the internet revolution. Moreover, Internet distribution doesn't pay back almost anything. Festivals have become themselves a market, and – as every market - have been hit by the crisis.

What happens to your films after they are completed? Esther van Messel, who runs First Hand Films, one of the leading distribution companies in Europe; Rada Sesic, filmmaker but also experienced festival programmer (Sarajevo, IDFA, Rotterdam) and Andrea Kuhn, director of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Festival will debate the current state of the business (should we call it like this?!). They will also discuss the opportunities and chances of the Romanian and Eastern European docs on the global scene.