One World Romania 2013 Award Ceremony

17 March, 19:30

Studio Horia Bernea (Romanian Peasant Museum), 3 Kiseleff Blvd., entrance from Monetariei Str.

In our 6th year, we decided to give an award at One World Romania. We hesitated for a long time, as the idea of a hierarchy and a competition when it comes to documentaries, or human rights, seems odd to us. Our doubts were appeased when we found a solution to have this competition judged by very young people and the process itself, of awarding one of the films, to be an educational experience. It will be, we are sure, an interesting experiment on all sides, both us, “old folks”, and them, will have something to learn from it.

With the support of the Representative of the European Commission in Romania and Active Watch, and through the General Inspectorate Bucharest, we sent out an invitation to the students of six high schools. For practical reasons, we chose 11 films that will be judged by the students. Of them, only one will win an award. We are very honored that this award is decorated by Dan Perjovschi himself. Its value is – furthermore – symbolic: a white box, similar to those for washing powder, covered by drawings by one of the most important Romanian artists, whose social involvement is widely recognized. And, in the box, the winner has the opportunity to find a better Karma :)

The 11 films in competition are:

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, USA / China, 2012, 91' (d. Alison Klayman)
Anatomy of a Departure, Germany / Romania, 2012, 73' (d. Serban Oliver Tataru)
Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, Sweden / Denmark / Germany / USA / UK, 2011, 90' (d. Fredrik Gertten)
Forbidden Voices, Switzerland, 2012, 92' (d. Barbara Miller)
Forced Confessions, UK, 2012, 58' (d. Maziar Bahari)
Fortress, Czech Republic, 2012, 70' (d. Klára Tasovská / Lukáš Kokeš)
Little World, Spain, 2012, 84' (d. Marcel Barrena)
Only the Young, USA, 2011, 68' (d. Jason Tippet / Elizabeth Mims)
Soldier/Citizen, Israel, 2012, 70' (d. Silvina Landsmann)
The Mayor, Mexico, 2012, 81' (d. Emilio Altuna / Carlo Federico Rossini / Diego Enrique Oso)
The Punk Syndrome, Finland, 2012, 85' (d. Jukka Kärkkäinen / J-P Passi)

The 5 members of the jury are:

Madalina-Andreea Diaconu
Sandra Dragan
Matei Gaginsky
Antonia Ispas
Luca Istodor
Cristian Paul Popa, observer