Forbidden Voices

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Voci interzise

Switzerland, 2012, 92'

Forbidden Voices

Barbara Miller

Everyday Rebellions


"I am living in a utopia that is not mine", writes Yoanni Sanchez on her blog, Generation Y. To post things on her blog, Yoanni has to use public places such as internet cafes or hotels, as private internet connections are forbidden in Cuba. Yoanni is not allowed to travel abroad, but she is relatively safe in Cuba: the high international visibility of her blog protects her. Although censored inside Cuba, her blog gets 14 million hits per month outside the country.

Women were among the first to discover the role of alternative media. The Iranian government filters the word 'women': if you search for 'women' in Persian, you are not allowed access to the next page. Still, China remains the champion of Internet censorship, with more than 2500 websites blocked. The communist party is scouring the Internet for any inconvenient past events that have to be erased from the collective memory: as a consequence, many young people have not heard of the Tienanmen uprising.

Today's repressive regimes are scared that they have lost the monopoly on the truth. When bloggers decide to speak-up, they need to be silenced, either by filters and firewalls, or by more conventional measures such as psychological intimidation, house arrest or imprisonment. Forbidden Voices follows the intense lives of three inspiring women who stand for this new generation of networked rebels and have the courage to denounce their governments' abuses by blogging truth to power.


16 March, 10:00, Cinema Elvire Popesco

16 March, 20:00, Cinemateca Eforie

17 March, 16:00, Cinema Corso


English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Farsi


English, Romanian


Das Kollektiv für audiovisuelle Werke GmbH


"Prix de soleure" nomination, Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland, 2012

International Premiere, IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2012
Visions du Reel Nyon International Documentary Film Festival, Switzerland, 2012
Tallin Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, 2012
One World Bratislava, Slovakia, 2012