Alison Klayman
Alison KlaymanAi Weiwei: Never Sorry

Alison Klayman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2006 she graduated from the Brown University with a Bachelor's degree in History. In 2006 she moved to China, initially for only five months, but then decided to stay there for a longer periond; she learned Mandarin and moved to Beijing, where she worked on film sets, alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. She wrote on the official website of the 2008 Olympics and was finally accredited as a journalist, starting to work in radio and television for PBS Frontline, New York Times, Op-Docs etc. Awards: Special Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival, USA, 2012. Interview.

Barbara Miller
Barbara MillerForbidden Voices

Barbara Miller was born in 1970, in Zurich, Switzerland, where she studied Cinema, Philosophy and Psychology courses. From 1999 she worked for two years as an assistant director and assistant editor for the Oscar-nominated documentary, "War Photographer". After 2001 she started working as a freelance documentarist for the Swiss Television, producing documentaries with various social themes: the anti-globalization movement, domestic violence etc. Other films: Sex in the Internet (2008), Crossing Paths (2008), Virtual Adultery (2009). Interview.

Caveh Zahedi
Caveh ZahediThe Sheik and I

Caveh Zahedi, born in 1960, is an American film director and actor of Iranian descent - he was born in Washington, D.C., to Iranian immigrant parents. He studied philosophy at the Yale University. Upon graduation, Zahedi moved to Paris to find funding for his films. He subsequently returned to Los Angeles to attend UCLA film school. In the UCLA graduate program he completed his first feature film, with fellow student Greg Watkins. The film was an experimental narrative in which he re‑enacted his unrequited love for a UCLA art student, using real-life participants. Other films: A Little Stift (1991), I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore (1994), In the Bathtub of the World (2001). Interview.

Florin Iepan
Florin IepanOdessa

Florin Iepan, born in 1968 in Timisoara, Romania, graduate of the National University of Drama and Film Bucharest, director and producer; he worked for Sahia Film, Pro TV and the National Television. In 1999 he founded SUB-CULT-URE, one of the first independent film production companies in Romania (specialized in producing documentary films). He conceived and directed over 40 documentary films, being one of the most active and constant directors interested in this field in Romania. After his graduated the Discovery Campus Masterschool in 2002 he specialized in directing international documentary film coproductions. He is a member of the European Documentary Network. Other films: Hotel Cismigiu (1991), Ten Minutes with the Working Class (1995), Landscape After Embargo (1997), Children of the Decree (2005). Interview.

Jon Bang Carlsen
Jon Bang CarlsenJust the Right Amount of Violence

Jon Bang Carlsen, born in 1950, graduated from the Danish Film School. Virtually unknown in Romania, Jon Bang Carlsen is a 62 year old director who - although he has a living legend status in his own country - continues to search and to innovate just like a young director at his debut. He started his career in the 1970s with actor-oriented films, only to migrate later towards that certain no man's land between documentary and fiction. For 8 years he lived in South Africa, he filmed in Ireland and the United States, and now he lives on a remote farm in Denmark. He is interested in the creation process and the relation to the subjects rather than in the final product, which explains why his films are so hard to classify. Films: First I Wanted to Find the Truth (1987), How to Invent Reality (1996), It’s Now or Never (1996), Addicted to Solitude (1999), Purity Beats Everything (2007), Just the Right Amount of Violence (2013). Interview.

Katherine Fairfax Wright
Katherine Fairfax WrightCall Me Kuchu

Katherine Fairfax Wright was born in 1983, in Massachusetts, USA. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Studied Film and Anthropology at the Columbia University, then worked in film production, including P.O.V. (Lumo) and Les Vulnerables. From 2011 she is an alumni of the Independent Documentary Film Lab and in 2012 she is named one of the 25 new faces to watch for in independent film, by the Filmmaker Magazine. Other films: Les Vulnerables (2007), Fat Friend (2009), Gabi on the Roof in July (2010). Awards: Teddy Award for Best Documentary, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2012; Best International Feature, Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Canada, 2012; Best Documentary, Madrid LGBT Film Festival, Spain, 2012.

Lukáš Kokeš
Lukáš KokešFortress

Lukáš Kokeš, born in 1983, is a Czech documentary film director, student of Documentary Film Departement at FAMU, Prague. Other films: Irenka (2007), Redemption Attempt of TV Repairman Josef Lávicka in Nine Scenes (2008), 59/184/84 (2009) etc.

Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Malika Zouhali-WorrallCall Me Kuchu

Malika Zouhali-Worrall, born in 1984, Munchen, graduated of the Cambridge University. Master studies in International Relations at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Works as a television and print journalist, making cover stories from the USA, India, China and Uganda for Financial Times and CNN. She lives in New York, and from 2011 she is an alumni of the Independent Documentary Film Lab. In 2012 she is selected as one of the 25 new faces to watch for in independent film, by the Filmmaker Magazine. Awards: Teddy Award for Best Documentary, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2012; Best International Feature, Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Canada, 2012; Best Documentary, Madrid LGBT Film Festival, Spain, 2012.

Marc Schmidt
Marc SchmidtMatthew’s Laws

Marc Schmidt, born in 1970; he studies Film Theory at the Utrecht University and Media Arts at the Art Academy in Tilburg. He first works on a few projects as a sound engineer and video editor, but also as a director of short fiction films. In the meantime he develops an interest for documentary film, this slowly becoming his primary field. Other films: Slow Start (2002), Esmiralde, Sixteen Years in 9 Scenes (2007), Shigey, My Flame (2009). Awards: Grand Prize, Swiss Post for Best Feature, Vision du Reel Nyon, Switzerland, 2012; Grand Prize for Best Documentary, NFF Dutch Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2012; Merit-Prize, International Documentary Festival, Taiwan, 2012. Interviu.

Radovan Sibrt
Radovan SibrtOn Decency

Radovan Sibrt, born in 1975, in Prague; he graduated the Social Sciences, Philosophy and Arts Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. He works with important clients such as the National Television Channel of the Czech Republic, United Islands etc. He is a co-founder of the production company Pink Productions. Other films: MRG (2005), Domestic Violence (2007), Bambino Di Praga (2007). Awards: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2012. Interviu.

Raluca Racean Gorgos
Raluca Racean GorgosThe Bed is Broken

Raluca Racean Gorgos, born in 1986 in Cluj Napoca, started taking acting classes while she was in high school. She then moved to Bucharest to pursue an academic course in acting-puppets, at the National University of Theatre and Film I. L. Caragiale. During her studies at this University she collaborated with the students from the Film Department and directed her first short fiction film, Cromoterapia, a film about the parallel and distorted realities of a mentally ill person. She then started being interested in the workshop and festival circuit, where she deepened her knowledge of cinematic language, focusing on documentary film. Awards: Best Film at Aristoteles Workshop.

Serban Oliver Tataru
Serban Oliver TataruAnatomy of a Departure

Serban Oliver Tataru, born in 1973 in Sibiu, Romania, moved to Germany after 1989. Between 1995 and 1998 he studied anthropology at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. In 1998 he continued his studies at the University of Film and Television in Munchen, as a documentary director. Other films: Beograd (2004), Paparazzo (2006). Interview.

Silvina Landsman
Silvina LandsmanSoldier/Citizen

Silvina Landsmann, born in 1965, in Buenos Aires, emigrates to Israel at the age of 11. She studied Film at the Tel Aviv University, then lived in Paris for 10 years, where she also produced her first film. After her return to Israel, she founded her own production company, Comino Films. Other films: College (1998), Post Partum (2004), Unto Thy Land (2007). Awards: Special Mention, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2012. Interview.

Vanina Vignal
Vanina VignalAfter the Silence

Vanina Vignal was born in France. After theater studies at the International School of Movement and Theater Jacques Lecoq and then at the Romanian Theater and Film Academy in Romania (Sanda Manu), Vanina first started working as an actress. Afterwards, she took some editing assistant and directing assistant courses, before starting making her own documentary projects. She is fluent in Romanian, which enabled her to have direct access to the people she decided to film. Other films: Stella (2007). Interview.