This year we’ve decided to open up the festival – and the cinema hall – to the theater. For too long, a barrier has separated the world of the theater from that of the film; theater-goers don’t go to the cinema and vice versa. Another reason for our initiative: in the contemporary Romanian theater there are creators who use documentary methods, who take urgent themes and get them up on stage. Their names are Andreea Vălean, David Schwartz, Alice-Monica Marinescu, Gianina Cărbunariu or Michaela Mihailov – and the list can go on. Like documentary makers, they start from real cases, do research and record interviews, cite documents, transcribe archives. Like documentary film makers, they are animated by a cause; they react to what happens around them. 

Our work shall therefore have a reciprocal basis: on the opening night, the Radu Stanca theater group from Sibiu will present scenes from the show Solitarity by Gianina Cărbunariu among cinema rows and film fragments. On the next day, some of the most representative directors of documentary theater will discuss how they go about their work at the Peasant’s Club. And on Wednesday you’re invited to the theater, to see Typography Uppercase. On stage or on the screen, it’s the same fight. (A S)

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