Germany / Egypt, 2013 , 47'
Johanna Domke, Marouan Omara




Media rehab


“We could not photograph other presidents crossing their legs in front of our president. That was considered disrespectful to him. We either had to cover their legs with a plant or with the corner of a table, or we could replace the legs with a different pair in the lab.” 
Shot entirely on location inside Egypt’s oldest and most important national daily, Al-Ahram, Crop is an unconventional account of the Egyptian revolution, which does not include any images of the popular uprising itself. Instead, by taking us on an insider’s tour around Al-Ahram’s offices, the film invites wider reflection upon the ways in which structures for political power are intimately connected to specific strategies of managing the visible. Tahrir Square was both a popular uprising and a revolution in visual representation: the country shifted from strict control of the Egyptian state media to a new visual regime introduced by people’s own visual production and distribution of images through social media. But those new images of a heroic nation on its way to freedom were no less constructed than those of the past: inundated by images of massive flags and youthful revolutionaries with faces painted in red, white and black, the Egyptian nation had to face a new, idealized image of itself - this time one circulated in the international arena.

Everybody deserves an image […]
Oh, time, take a picture of us
Take a picture of time
And whoever leaves the square
Will never be shown in the picture.


19 March, 20:00, Cinema Studio

21 March, 22:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco


English, Arabic




Townhouse Gallery, Cairo & Daydream Postproduction, Goethe Institute in Cairo


International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2013

Asian and Latin America Film Festival, Italy, 2013

Ischia Film Festival, Italy, 2013

New Filmmakers | New Films Festival, Portugal, 2013

Muslihat OK Video Festival, Indonesia, 2013

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan, 2103

Beirut International Film Festival, Libanon, 2013

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2013

Dok Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, Germany, 2013

RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada, 2013

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Germany, 2103

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013