I have an idea, what next?

21 March, 09:30 - 23 March, 17:00
Czech Centre / Romanian Peasant Club

Workshop for documentary filmmakers
21st / 22nd of March 2014 – Czech Center
23rd of March – The Peasant’s Club

When do you stop being a reporter and start becoming a filmmaker?
How do you translate your own vision of reality into a compelling documentary?

This intensive documentary film workshop is dedicated to less-experienced but passionate documentarists, looking to enrich their knowledge, develop their ideas accordingly and make the most of them so as to successfully apply for financing funds and television broadcasters. Discussions will start with analysing several film fragments based on creative thinking – that inspire novel solutions, then concentrating on participants’ projects. Each project shall be discussed within the group and then in individual sessions.
The two days of intense work will peak with an informal pitch at the end of which an award will be granted to the best project: the opportunity to take part at the”Rough-Cut Boutique” workshop at the Sarajevo Festival in August 2014.

Two mentors, a filmmaker and reputed festival programmer, together with a film editor, coming from two countries with two different cinematographic traditions, they will be the sounding board of your cinematic reflexions and aspirations.
The workshop is designed by Rada Sesic. She has directed several highly awarded documentaries and collaborates with the two most important festivals in Holland: IDFA (Amsterdam) and IFFR (Rotterdam). She is the head of the documentary competition of the Sarajevo Festival. Rada has taught film theory at the Amsterdam University and the Srishti Institute in Bangalore, India. Stefan Paruch is a film editor in Poland, has often collaborated with the renowned Wajda School and has a rich experience in the field of documentary films. 

Workshop organized by the DocuMentor Association in collaboration with One World Romania.

Contact: Paula Onet,