Typography Uppercase

19 March, 19:30
Odeon Theatre, Studio Hall

a show by Gianina Carbunariu
scenography: Andrei Dinu
choreography: Florin Fieroiu
music: Bobo Burlacianu
light-design: Andu Dumitrescu
with: Catalina Mustata, Alexandru Potocean, Gabriel Rauta, Mihai Smarandache, Silvian Valcu
length: 1 h 30 min

a co-production of dramAcum and the International Theater Festival in Nitra, Slovakia, in partnership with Odeon Theater, as part of the project “Parallel lives – The 20th century seen through the eyes of the Secret Police”. Artists from former socialist countries have created six theater productions based on the study of the secret police archives. Gianina Carbunariu has chosen to work on the file of the minor Mugur Calinescu.

Mugur Călinescu was only 17 and a schoolboy in Botoşani when, in September 1981, he wrote on walls and panels inscriptions meant to provoke reactions from his fellow countrymen towards the flagrant violation of civil rights and liberties and towards the disastrous state of the economy. After being caught, he was constantly called to the Securitate. Two years later, Mugur Călinescu was diagnosed with leukemia. He died in 1985.

“Along with documents written in the wooden language of the repressive state apparatus, the 200 pages of the “Schoolboy” file also contain the statements of a young man who manages to remain true to his own convictions despite pressures from the Securitate and the lack of solidarity from those around him. I believe young people need models they can understand, and, in that respect, Mugur Călinescu provides a necessary role model when it comes to desirable attitudes.

The script on which the Typography Uppercase show is based consists of a collage of ready-made materials (documents and interviews), but the show is a product of the imagination, it’s fiction trying to interrogate these traces of reality taken from recent history and the way they help us understand the world we live in today.” (Gianina Carbunariu)