The Corner of Memories

18 March, 17:30 - 22 March, 20:00
Cinema Studio

17-21 March | 17.30-20.00
22 March | 15.30-20.00

Were you among the fatherland’s falcons, pioneers, members of the Communist Youth, part of the working class in villages or cities?

In a corner of the Studio cinema, sheltered by a drape, you will be able to relive – in front of a camera and a reporter – memories from the communist era. How does that life seem today, what are the images, tastes, smells that come to memory? Do you remember what you weren’t allowed to say at school but you discussed at home? How you spoke at work and what were you really thinking? What you would do on the weekends? Or during the holidays? What “gifts” you would offer the doctor, the teacher, the militiaman or the comrade director? Be honest, concise and don’t let yourself carried too much by nostalgia! Your memories will be recorded and presented in the form of a short film on the closing night of the festival. (A S)