Democracy in Action

22 March, 15:00 - 23 March, 13:00

Workshop for High School Students 

22 March / 15:00 / Urbanesc, Str. Stefan Luchian, No. 17 

23 March / 11:00 / Urbanesc, Str. Stefan Luchian, No. 17 

This is a two-day workshop, run in partnership with Mellem Education and held by Tali Padan.

The workshop will be interactive and will challenge each person on their role in group decision making. The values of equality and freedom, which form the basis of a democratic system and are pillars for Human Rights, will be explored within the dynamics of the group itself, allowing every participant to learn through experience.  Rather than speak about theories and documents, this workshop challenges participants on their own behaviour in a group, how much freedom they take, and when this freedom limits another's freedom. 

The workshop brings to light dilemmas and conflicts, both in society and in oneself. In a conflict, each side believes they are right. A dilemma allows you to experience both sides, moving beyond the need to be right and towards a resolution. The workshop includes an interactive activity and a reflection session afterwards, giving participants the chance to become aware of how they behaved during the activity. The trainer will ask questions highlighting the difference between what the participant said and how they behaved. This difference confronts the participant and enables them to be more aware of themselves and their effect on other people.  This provides a bottom-up approach to participation and education, changing society by starting with the individual.