Last year we invited five high school students to watch, debate and consequently award one film from the festival selection. Although previously we had not embraced the idea of a competition when dealing with documentaries about human rights, the possibility of involving students in the judging process and encouraging them to express their opinions appealed to us a great deal. We were impressed by their seriousness and their critical and analytical thinking. This initiative helped make the voices of the students heard and helped "contaminate" the audience with their energy, honesty and unwillingness to tolerate injustice. The name of the award reflects its qualities: "Best Karma Award". This edition we will repeat the experience, choosing, for practical reasons, ten films that the students will judge.

This edition’s visual image will materialize in an object that will become this year’s award. A film camera, used with talent and honesty, is one of the best weapons against injustices of all sorts. Our trophy will be a "camera-weapon", as a symbol of the peaceful yet tenacious combat that filmmakers have been undertaking for dozens of years, broadening people’s horizons and inviting them to reflect and act.

Here are the ten films in competition: