Kino-kombat Uniforms. Limited Edition

01 March, 2014

10 Kino-kombat Uniforms for 10 Devoted Fighters! 

One World Romania and Kemwear have prepared a special, limited edition pack - a festival pass + a personalized T-shirt with the festival's 7th edition official design.

The T-shirt can be personalized on girls' or boys' fit, sizes between S and XL. The pack containing the festival pass and T-shirt can be ordered for 120 lei. The orders can be sent exclusively between March 1st and 14th to the e-mail address:

The T-shirts will be ready to wear starting festival day 1! Your orders can be picked up on Monday, March 17th, at the opening event at Cinema Pro or from the festival Info Point at Cinema Studio, between March 18th and 23rd.