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Romanian, English


86 400


21 March, 16:00, Cinema Studio

(screened alongside Cardiopolitika)

22 March, 20:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco

(screened alongside Cardiopolitika)


A day has 86,400 seconds. 

Tomáš Baťa, who in 1894 founded the Baťa shoe company in Zlin, Moravia, was the first in the region to introduce in his factories the Fordist principles of rationalised and standardized, mass-production of goods. Filmmaker Lukáš Kokeš takes one long, last look at the iconic circular assembly line of the Zlin factory before the buildings are demolished to make room for a shopping centre. But, in a global market where businesses are looking for the cheapest workforce, things get even more complicated. Through meticulously choreographed images, Kokeš moves between a shoe and a car factory, and from memories of work during communism to worries about lack of work in a dramatically different economic context, where outsourcing has become the norm. 

How much do we remember about the labourers of a now defunct political regime? What can we hope to learn from the newly emerging working bodies of global capitalism?

Life is movement. This is what people need today.

Part of omnibus film Gottland.

Director Lukáš Kokeš was the recipient of One World Romania's Best Karma Award in 2013, for the film Fortress.


2014 - Silver Eye Award, Czech Republic, Special Mention
2014 - Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2014 - Famufest, Czech Republic, Honorable Mention
2014 - Camerimage IFF, Poland
2014 - Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland