Domestic Products

14 March, 19:00
WASP - Working Art Space and Production, 67-93 Ion Minulescu Str.

Tickets: 20 RON

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A team of investigative theatre has documented the story of Filipino domestic workers from Romania. They used methods of investigative journalism and spent time inside the Filipino community from Romania.


It all resulted in a performance based on a real story, with Ynia as a leading actress. Ynia is an engineer from the Philippines, who came to work as a housekeeper in Romania.


Similar to Romanians who left abroad in search of a better life, immigrants from the Philippines came to Romania in search of a better life. Since 2008 wealth Romanians hire Filipino nannies and housekeepers. (Presently, there are over 750 foreign domestic workers, most of them women. Without counting the unregistered.)


Many times they are treated as slaves. Their passports are confiscated, they are not paid and can not go outside the houses for days. The recruitment agencies teach the employers how to exploit them. Work Inspection does not intervene because they say immigrants do their jobs in private houses. Sometimes the police refuses to take their complaints because they do not have translators.


The immigrant's story relies more on their luck than on institutional solutions.


Domestic Products shows the implications of paid and unpaid domestic work. It shows the real price of domestic work and challenges its gender balance.


Script: Xandra Popescu

Play: Ioana Paun

Investigation: Laura Stefanut

Music: Catalin Rulea, Diana Miron

With: YNIA, Smaranda Nicolau

Coreography: Carmen Cotofana

Photo: George Popescu

Project financed by AFCN. Co-produced by WASP – Working Art Space and Production. Partners: The Filipino Community in Romania, Europa FM, Atelier 35, Think Outside The Box, VICE.