International human rights documentary film festival In memory of Václav Havel


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Aleksandar Nikolic
After receiving a master’s degree in computer graphics in London, Belgrade-born Aleksandar Nikolic began working in film production as sound editor for BBC and PBS documentaries and shorts. In parallel, he wrote and directed a series of shorts. He is currently working on three projects: the documentaries Either and Of Sheep and Men, as well as the feature screenplay Fear and Trembling. Other films: Glasovi (2010, short), Through Skin and Bone (2006, short).
Alexander Nanau

Alexander Nanau was born in Bucharest and has been living in Germany since 1990. He studied directing at the Berlin Film and Television Academy. His first documentary, Peter Zadek inszeniert Peer Gynt (2006) received critical acclaim and was distributed theatrically in Germany and Austria. The World According to Ion B. (2009) was selected in over 40 European festivals, received numerous prizes, and was awarded an international Emmy. His most recent film, Toto and His Sisters (2014) received three awards at DOK Leipzig, Best Documentary at the Warsaw and Zurich Film Festivals, and the Silver Eye Award for Best East European Documentary.

André Singer

André Singer is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist, and the director of Spring Films Ltd. in London. He started out working in television in the ‘70s, after graduating from Oxford University. He produced over 40 films, which received numerous international awards. Among them, films directed by Werner Herzog (Into the Abyss, 2011; The Wild Blue Yonder, 2005) and Joshua Oppenheimer (The Act of Killing, 2012). Other films directed by Singer: World in Action (TV, 1978), Forbidden Rites (TV, 1999).

Andrei Schwartz
Born in 1955 in Bucharest, has been living in Germany for 38 years. He graduated the Arts University in Hamburg. Andrei Schwartz is one of the most renowned German-Romanian film directors, being capable to understand his country of birth while also maintaining the distantance necessary to shoot from a perspective less influenced by the domestic context. His documentary Auf der Kippe (1997) won the Joris Ivens Award at IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Other films: Am Pier von Apolonovka (2008), Geschlossene Gesellschaft (2005), Geschichten aus dem Lepratal (2002).
Dieudo Hamadi

Dieudo Hamadi was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and studied medicine before becoming a filmmaker. His feature documentary debut, Atalaku (2013), received the “Joris Ivens” Award at Cinéma du Réel. His most recent project, National Diploma, has also received two awards at Cinéma du Réel. Other films: Congo in Four Acts (2010), Dames en attente (2010).

Jeroen van Velzen
Grew up in Kenya, India and South Africa. During his junior year at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, he made the short 3000 Meters Above the Clouds, which deals with his brother’s autism. His first film after graduation, Wavumba, won Best New Documentary Director at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. Other films: Baba: Finding Light Within (2009).
Marijana Toma

Coordinates the Programme of Education on Strategies and Experiences of the Transitional Justice Process in the former Yugoslavia. She joined the HLC team in 2003, where she worked as Project and Programme Coordinator on documenting war crimes, oral history, forced disappearances and Transitional Justice. She was the Coordinator of the task force group for drafting the mandate for RECOM. Before that, she was working as Serbia Programme Coordinator in Impunity Watch, an international organization, seeking to promote accountability for past atrocities in countries emerging from a violent past, and for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Mission in Serbia on the legal labour migration project. 

Teodora Ana Mihai

Teodora Ana Mihai was born in Bucharest in 1981 and emigrated to Belgium with her family in 1989. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in upstate New York, she began working in the Belgian film industry as a writer. Her feature documentary debut, Waiting for August (2014), received wide international recognition, including the award for best international documentary at HotDocs, best documentary at Karlovy Vary, and a special mention at Visions du Réel. Other films: Civil War Essay (2000).

Tony Gerber

Tony Gerber started out as an independent and alternative theater director in New York. Together with Jesse Moss (The Overnighters, 2014), he produced and directed Full Battle Rattle, which documents life inside an Iraq war simulation center built by the US Army in the Mojave desert. The film premiered at the 2008 Berlinale and went on to win the Special Jury Prize at SXSW. He is the recipient of two Emmy awards. Other films: The Belle of New Orleans (2011) etc.


Adam Brothánek
Graduate of FAMU Prague; since then, he has worked as editor on over 20 documentary film projects. Meanwhile, he is a guest lecturer at the Editing Department of FAMU and the vice-president of the Czech Association of Film Editors.
Ana Alexieva
A young documentary film producer within of the most succesful film companies in Bulgaria, AGITPROP. Ana attended the EURODOC 2012 courses and the EAVE Producers Workshop in 2013. She is the project manager at Balkan Documentary Center, which aims to support the development of the documentary film scene in the Balkans.
Csilla Kato
Director of program at Astra Film Festival. She has worked with the festival since 1998 as a programmer, member of the selection committee and organizer of special programs and workshops. Assistant and producer for a number of documentary films. Member of Jury at several documentary film festivals (Documenta Madrid, Dialektus Budapest). Earlier coordinator of cultural anthropology Summer Schools at Central European University. Studied cultural anthropology and film studies at Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest, at London School of Economics, and at Australian National University, Canberra.
Dominic Desjardins

Having completed his studies at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (Paris) and after working in the French theatre world for a few years, Dominic Desjardins returned to Canada where he directed various programmes for French and English language television networks. He started Zazie Films, a  production company with which he directed two feature films (Le Divan du Monde and La Sacrée), as well as numerous interactive projects. He joined the NFB in 2013 as the executive producer of the Francophonie Studio, being responsible for all French language documentary and interactive productions in Canada, outside Quebec. Among his projects are a documentary series in 360° VR, an interactive piece about the psychology of gambling and a linear project about a group of African refugees.

Heino Deckert
One of the the leading names working in international documentary production today. Managing Director of MA.JA.DE Filmproduction, based in Leipzig and Berlin. Since 1991, he produced more than 50 documentaries presented in the most prestigious international festivals, from IDFA ("Song from the Forest", by Michael Obert, 2013), to Venice ("The 3 Rooms of Melancholia", Pirjo Honkasalo, 2004; "ˇVivan las Antipodas!", Victor Kossakowsky, 2011) and all the way to Oscar nominations ("Rabbit ŕ la Berlin", Bartek Konopka and Piotr Rosolowski, 2010). The chairman of the European Documentary Network (EDN) between 2006 and 2008. Today, he also runs the documentary distribution company Deckert Distribution. He has lectured on production and distribution of documentaries for organizations such as EDN, Ex Oriente, Discovery Campus and the Sundance Institute.
Marie-Pier Gauthier

Head of production for NFB’s interactive studio, Marie-Pier Gauthier has a hand in all the projects coming out of its narrative laboratory: web-based documentaries (Do Not TrackThe Devil's Toy RemixA Journal of Insomnia), interactive installations (Megaphone, in collaboration with Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, Moment Factory; McLaren Wall to Wall), interactive essays (Trente électeurs and 24 poses féministes) and games used for storytelling (Jusqu’ici, Vincent Morisset’s new project, and the mobile app The Cancer of Time). She is currently spearheading the Arte co-produced project Haďkus interactifs. A Institut national de l'image et du son graduate specializing in interactive productions, Marie-Pier Gauthier has led the development of

Mikael Opstrup
A dedicated documentarist since his first S-8mm documentary in 1977. Most of the 80s Mikael worked with distribution and theatrical release of documentaries. Producer of international documentaries since the 90s. Production Adviser at The Danish Film Institute 1998-2002. In 2002-2008 co-owner of Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen. Works with EDN since 2005.
Momodou Sallah
Senior Lecturer at the Youth and Community Division, De Montfort University. He has over fifteen years experience working with young people at the local, national and international levels. He has a number of publications in the field of work with Black young people, young Muslims and globalisation / global youth work. His research interests include diversity, participation and globalisation in relation especially to young people.
Tue Steen Müller
Tue Steen Müller has worked for over 20 years for the Danish Film Board, in the field of documentary film. He is a founding member of Balticum Film & TV Festival, of Filmkontakt Nord and of the European Bureau for Creative Documentaries. Co-initiator of the European Documentary Network and its first director, up to 2005. He has taught in over 40 countries and he is a programmer of DOCS Barcelona, DOK Leipzig, Magnificent 7 and DoxBox in Damascus.