In 2012 we invited for the first time five high school students to watch, debate and reward one film from the festival selection with a prize. Although we had initially resisted the idea of a competition for documentaries dealing with human rights, we were seduced by the chance to involve students in a jurying process and encourage them to express their opinions. We were impressed by their seriousness and their critical thinking. Since then, each edition helped make the voices of the students heard by letting them share with the audience their energy, honesty, and unwillingness to tolerate injustice. This year we will repeat the experience, choosing, for practical reasons, only ten films that the students will judge out of our entire program.

For the five students, the jury means screenings and debates, meetings with directors and producers, interactions with the One World Romania team - an intense experience from which we all stand to gain. This year, they are: Daniela Gheorghe, 11th grade, Bucharest; David Marin, 9th grade, Bucharest; Ionut Scurtu, 12th grade, Piatra Neamt; Ligia Prodan, 10th grade, Iasi; Teodora Nicolae, 11th grade, Bucharest.

This edition's visual motif will materialize in an object that will become this year's award. Our trophy will be a model of the "kino-maidan," the place where documentary cinema brings people together and “occupies" our daily lives.