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I Will Not Be Silenced


Charlotte Campbell-Stephen, an Australian living in Kenya, begins her story with a brutal gang rape she fell victim to seven years ago. The crime is re-told in clinical, devastating detail and at length, before an impassive camera, by the victim herself: Charlotte, a character who from the very first scene breaches the classic contours of a simple victim. But this is only the first act of her long odyssey through the Kenyan justice system. That the police officer taking down her initial complaint tells her that victims of rape never win in court, and that she is better off leaving the country, only seems to motivate her not just to pursue her case at all costs but also to help other women to break out of the vicious cycle of sexual violence, silence, and stigma in Kenya.


Official statistics show that last year in Kenya over 300 women lodged rape complaints every week, but experts warn that the figures should be multiplied by 10 to reflect unregistered cases. Strong and direct, Charlotte Campbell-Stephen, supported by her lawyers and a high police official, stubbornly and systematically chip at these solidified cultural patterns with an obstinate faith in the rule of law and the promise of change.

The documentary has been "adopted" by Amnesty International Bucharest Group.


2015 - One World Prague, Czech Republic

2014 -  Australian Teachers of Media Awards, Australia, Finalist for Best Documentary - Social and Political Issues

2014 - IDFA, Netherlands

2014 - Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Australia