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By nature, men are quickly aroused. As for women, they are like viruses...

For two years, expat Iranian filmmaker Mehran Tamadon does his best to persuade four hard-line supporters of the Iranian regime to take part in an experiment with him: he invites them to his family’s house near Tehran to try out, during a two-day shoot, something that does not exist in Iran – a pluralistic society. In a world increasingly rife with religious extremism and an equal radicalization of the secular camp, Tamadon genuinely wants to find a solution so that people who think differently would be able to live together. To do that, he proposes two days of “enforced tolerance,” and has members of two opposing camps camps cook, pray, and laugh together. The main problem is that Tamadon is the only member of his camp present there – an atheist surrounded by four bearded religious believers who not only outnumber him, but also master rhetoric better. The result is a both hilarious and infuriating encounter, with some surreal bits of dialogue which may prompt some to reflect on the grim chances of democracy in a state where religion makes the rule. 

Even when they are pressed to go, people refuse to go to Paradise.

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2014 - Festival de cinéma de Douarnenez, France

2014 - Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia

2014 - Cinéma du Réel, France, Grand Prize

2014 - Berlin International Film Festival, Germany