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During the Tito years, director Tiha Klara Gudac enjoyed an ordinary childhood: camping trips with her grandparents, always in the same place, always with the same family friends. Only the scars on her grandfather’s body could have intimated the secret history that preceded the relative freedom and prosperity of Yugoslavia’s last years: her grandfather and his close friends had been held, together with some sixteen thousand other political prisoners, on a barren island in the Northern Adriatic sea called Goli Otok (“naked island”). Between 400-600 victims of the 1949-1956 purges lost their life on this island, in one of the most primitive and cruel re-education experiments of the Cold War period. This personal, warm and emotionally intelligent film investigates not only the secret kept by her grandfather for over 60 years, but also the reverberations of the Goli Otok experience over three generations. Weaving interviews with family photos and animation, the film reveals historical facts about Yugolsavia’s past and universal truths about trauma, silence, and the ties that bind us over time and space.


2015 - ZagrebDOX, Croatia  

2015 - Trieste IFF, Italy, Central European Initiative Award

2014 - Verzio Film Festival, Hungary

2014 - Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia, Special Mention

2014 - Dokufest Prizren, Kosovo

2014 - Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Heart of Sarajevo Award