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Baladna alraheeb


We used to have only one enemy, the regime. Now we have thousands, says young photographer Ziad Homsi, one of two travelers taking the dangerous route from the liberated area of Douma to Raqqa in northern Syria. The other traveler is Yassin Haj Saleh, a well-known Syrian dissident writer who had spent 16 years in prison in the 1980s and emerged as one of the leading public intellectuals who participated in the Syrian uprising since its earliest days. The primary focus of the film is the unfolding relation between the two travelers, as observed by an unflinching camera which follows them through an intimate first-person approach, capturing their hopes and deceptions as well as the countrywide landscape of devastation and war-torn lives. The emotional bond developed between the middle-aged intellectual and the younger photographer, with similar aspirations but with dramatically different historical experiences, allows a wider perspective vis-a-vis the illusions of two different generations and their subsequent failures to turn their idealism into concrete results. A moving chronicle of two conflicted consciences which ponder the fate of their loved ones left behind and their own chances for different lives, beyond Syria, Our Terrible Country is also one of the first feature documentaries to touch on the calamitous effects of ISIS. Each of us must fight with his own arms.

The documentary has been "adopted" by the Spiritual Militia.


2014 - Viennale, Austria

2014 - WATCH DOCS, Poland

2014 - Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia

2014 - DOK Leipzig, Germany

2014 - DocLisboa, Portugal

2014 - Porto/Post/Doc Film and Media Festival, Portugal, Special Mention

2014 - FIDMarseille, France, Grand Prix International Competition