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Pepe Mujica – Lektionen eines Erdklumpens


The Uruguayan president Pepe Mujica has become famous as the world’s poorest president. The former anti-capitalist guerilla fighter of the 70s and 80s, in 2009 he became an improbable head of state: he avoids the presidential residence in Montevideo, preferring to live in his old house on the edge of the capital, where he continues to grow chrysanthemums; he drives himself in a beaten-down Volkswagen Beetle; he never wears a suit, much less a tie; and he donates 90 percent of his salary to charity. His unconventional, wisdom-filled speeches have become legendary even in temples of official formality like the United Nations. Pepe Mujica’s modesty and charisma have turned him into one of the most popular contemporary political figures. But what remains to be seen is whether the great changes promised by this singular figure can truly become reality and whether Pepe Mujica’s unconventional style can yield long-term results where the impact of a president matters most: in his own country. Director Heidi Specogna returned to Pepe Mujica’s flower farm over several years for a series of revealing, philosophical, charming, and humorous conversations that make up the backbone of this film.

The documentary has been "adopted" by Frontline Club Bucharest.

Q&A after the screening.


2015 - Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden

2015 - Solothurner Filmtage / Journées de Soleure, Switzerland

2015 - Berlin International Film Festival, Germany

2015 - Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece
2014 - IDFA, Netherlands


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