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Spartacus & Cassandra


The only solution for me to live without my parents is for my parents to live without me, confesses 10-year old sister Cassandra, a Roma teen who, together with her 13-year old brother Spartacus, struggle while faced with an agonizing decision.

They have already been in France for six years, but their father still doesn’t want them to attend school, as he fears that that will open up a different life for his children and ultimately take them away from him. Filmmaker Ioanis Nuguet uses an impressionistic editing which mixes rough, hand-held verité footage with more melancholic, Super 8 image sequences to convey the intimate psychological reality of two children caught between two worlds: on one side, an impoverished life on the road, together with their affectionate but helpless parents; on the other, education and a roof over their heads, but with a foster family rather than with their own. An intense film which is neither victimizing nor sensationalizing its fragile teen subjects, Spartacus & Cassandra manages to attend sensitively to their daily experiences while also reminding us that their problems are systemic.

When I was one year old, I was already walking. At two, I was eating dirt. At three, my father was in prison. At four, I begged with my sister. At seven, I came to France…

The documentary has been "adopted" by the "Impreuna" Agency for Community Development.

Interview with the producer.


2014 - Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains Geneve, Switzerland
2014 - Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers, France
2014 - DOK Leipzig, Germany, FIPRESCI Prize
2014 - Festival dei Popoli, Italy
2014 - Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal, Canada, Louve d’Or Award
2014 - Camerimage International Festival, Poland
2014 - Festival International du Film de La Rochelle, France
2014 - Festival de cinéma de Douarnenez, France
2014 - Rome Film Festival, Italy
2014 - Cannes Film Festival, Association du Cinema Independent pour sa Diffusion Programme, France


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