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The Queen of Silence


The other children call Denisa Gabor “the crazy one”. She is a ten-year old Roma girl from Romania who, together with her parents and with other Roma families, has settled outside Wroclaw, Poland. As she cannot hear, Denisa is confronted on a daily basis with the aggression of the other children. Her parents are completely outside the system: they have no address, no insurance, no social security number, so it takes years until they make a first attempt at sorting out their daughter’s impairment. In spite of not being able to talk, Denisa can make herself understood by others. A lively and outgoing girl, she senses music with her body and loves to dance to the beats of Bollywood DVDs discovered in a garbage can where she has been scavenging with her friends from the settlement. Filmmaker Agnieszka Zwiefka follows Denisa and her family through several seasons and creates beautiful, elaborate musical scenes around the magical inner life of her character. The result is a flamboyant film which, though a combination of observational documentary and Bollywood musical, addresses Denisa’s devastating double marginality with both compassion and imagination.

The documentary has been "adopted" by Save the Children Romania.

Q&A after the screening.


2014 - IDFA, Netherlands

2015 - DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland

2015 - DocPoint Tallinn Documentary Film Festival, Estonia

2015 - One World Prague, Czech Republic

2015 - Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece

2015 - Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania


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