Acesta nu este un gest formal, pentru ca noi nu venim de nicaieri. Acum 17 ani, One World a pornit la Praga in spiritul si la initiativa lui Havel. Timp de 4 ani, festivalul nostru a fost organizat sub patronajul sau. Dupa disparitia lui fizica, in 2011, el se incapataneaza sa ramana in mintile si sufletele noastre. Václav Havel, aveti legatura:

The way I understand the notion of responsibility for the world is, among other things, lack of indifference towards the fate of those who, to our knowledge, suffer in one or another way. Particularly in this globally intertwined world, we cannot be disinterested in those who are repressed and not support those who strive for freedom. We cannot proclaim individual liberty and at the same time show no solidarity with the oppressed. We cannot stay silent in the face of obvious human rights violations just because we are worried about some business contracts. So long as we consider human liberty and human rights as a mere superstructure of the material oundation, we, as a society, are far from being well-off.

This will change, because it must change.

Václav Havel