The idea of a united Europe rarely surfaces today without the ongoing refrain that Europe itself is in crisis – be it a financial or a political crisis, a social, environmental, or even a digital one. One could argue that now, more than ever before in the history of the European Union, the very idea of European unity is being questioned. Some member countries even augmented their threats to leave the Union, whilst in candidate countries the popular opinion tends to turn against joining.

Some, however, think that this is not the real problem at stake: “Europe is healthier than many think” and “Europe’s real disease are its pessimists” are words coming from the former President of the European Commission Jacques Delors. If these words are still topical, the films we selected should bring us closer to up-to-the-minute answers to the hopes and worries we have for the continent.

This section brings together many EuroPains, namely the visions of filmmakers originating from many different European countries, about the many torments, past and present that Europe did go through – and still does. Watching films such as Napolislam, My Nazi Legacy or Ukrainian Sheriffs should help defining the European Idea for the future. And last but not least, the films we selected are not thought of to prolong or increase the agony. We rather thought of this section as a contribution to the renewing of confidence in European ideals, which are as much needed in today’s world than ever, as a beacon of freedom, human rights and solidarity.