In this section we left room for some of the most daring and interesting films of the past year. They did not fit exactly in our thematic constraints, since excellent films are hard to squeeze in a box: they speak of many issues and can be interpreted in many different ways. As a human rights festival, it would be unfair to leave these films out just because of that.

However, you will find in all these gems reflections of other films and topics from our program. Take the Oscar Nominee Cartel Land, for instance: it depicts the Mexican human landscape that is missing in Broken Land (presented in our “Exodus” section). It shows how a corrupt state with a failed judiciary leaves its citizens with no other options than crime or emigration. Grozny Blues and Under the Sun are talking about two other extreme political systems, where human rights are trampled and law is nothing but terror and slavery. Or take Dancing with Maria: Maria is herself an immigrant like those people in Every Face Has a Name (Gertten’s film from the “Exodus” section), but of a happier sort. Among Maria’s pupils are people with mental disabilities - likewise to the characters in Free or Only Barberry Remains - that flourish through dance under her spell.

Follow the invisible threads that weave all these people and remember the world is but one. Enjoy our Delicatessen!