KineDok Launching

22 March, 20:30
Cinema Eforie

On July 1st 2015, One World Romania launched KineDok, an alternative film distribution programme. The programme was initiated by the Institute of Documentary Film in Czech Republic and implemented in four other countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania). Together with our partners, in 2015 we managed to organise 219 screenings in 25 venues in 18 cities in Romania.

In 2016 two new countries are joining Kinedok (Norway and Poland) and we will continue the programme with more documentaries, in more venues and more cities. Because, on the one hand, these films talk about people around us and their problems, and they must be heard. And because, on the other hand, documentaries rarely reach cinemas, which are anyway fewer and fewer every day, making our acces to culture even more difficult. A huge part of KineDok's mission is going to smaller towns, coming closer to people and using the community spirit from the nearby pub or gallery. These places offer an alternative for the meeting between documentaries and their audience, and create a cozy atmosphere for discussions about current issue with film directors and experts, making it a nice experience.