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Flotel Europa


In 1992, when the war broke out in Bosnia, twelve year old Vladimir Tomić left Sarajevo for Copenhagen, together with his mother and his older brother. Once there, the Red Cross put them on a giant hotel-ship, along with a thousand other refugees. During the two years that they had to spend waiting to be granted asylum, future film-maker Tomić started filming their daily life, as well as the lives of the other Serbian, Muslim and Croatian refugees with which they shared their lives on the flotel. Seen from the present, the film edited from old VHS footage works simultaneously as a poignant historical resource and a trigger for nostalgia: a coming-of-age story which captures a range of colourful characters, funny and emotional private moments, but also the escalation of nationalism among those who must share a boat as they shared a country. The film also includes a moving element of media archaeology, as we gather a privileged perspective into how the waves of migrants of the 1990s were using ‘VHS postcards’ to communicate with their dear ones left home. 


2015 - Berlinale 2015, Germany, Tagesspiegel Readers' Prize
2015 - CPH:DOX, Denmark
2015 - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 - DokuFest Prizren, Kosovo
2015 - Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia
2015 - Watch Docs Human Rights Film Festival, Poland
2015 - Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
2015 - Pančevo Film Festival, Serbia
2015 - Torino Film Festival, Italy
2015 - Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway
2015 - goEast: Festival of Eastern and Central European Film, Germany
2015 - Documenta Madrid, Spain, Special Jury Award
2015 - Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia, Special Mention


Vladimir Tomic