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Teaching Ignorance


22 March, 18:00, Cinema Union

23 March, 14:30, Cinema Eforie

(Screening for high school students)


"What is freedom? Does a bird have an identity card? Is this separation wall that goes through our schoolyard suitable for a school – or a prison? Is it better to keep it or remove it?", asks a History teacher at one of the many schools visited by French-Israeli filmmaker Tamara Erde. In Teaching ignorance, Erde takes a one year journey through Israel and the Palestinian territories, looking at the way in which different teachers working for different types of schools (Israeli, Palestinian, state-run, private, mixed or gender segregated) teach the history of their people, exchange information with, and confront their students, or struggle with the official curriculum and its restrictions. Filmed in classrooms and school offices, the film exposes the profound and long-lasting effect that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict transmits to the next generation through the versions of history transmitted in class. Beyond narrating minimally from behind the camera, Erde lets the teachers and students speak for themselves. Thus, the footage feels raw and filmed with a sense of immediacy and urgency. The perpetuation of prejudices and one-sided versions is real: most educators tell one version of the story and appear to be oblivious to the existence of another perspective.


2015 - FIFOG Festival Geneva, Switzerland, FIFOG D’Or 

2015 - Washington DC Film Festival, USA, Justice Matters Special Prize 
2015 - MESA Film Festival, USA 
2015 - Other Israel Film Festival, Israel 
2015 - Human Rights Watch Film Festival, USA 2015 - Zagreb Dox, Croatia 
2015 - Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands


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