Acesta nu este un gest formal, pentru ca noi nu venim de nicaieri. Acum 17 ani, One World a pornit la Praga in spiritul si la initiativa lui Havel. Timp de 4 ani, festivalul nostru a fost organizat sub patronajul sau. Dupa disparitia lui fizica, in 2011, el se incapataneaza sa ramana in mintile si sufletele noastre. Václav Havel, aveti legatura:

It is an essential thing, I'd say even a thing of panhuman solidarity, the fact that every now and then we must be capable to accept someone who is in need, who is running away from somewhere. Especially when someone is running from war, poverty, misery. Also, we must be able to help somehow. It is not possible to keep asking for help and and not to be able to help anyone or to turn our nose up at those who, at this specific moment, are in a worse situation than we. There has been a time when we weren't doing well either.

Václav Havel

(18.04.1994, Lidove noviny)