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OWR 10. The Day After.

„Slowness is, nowadays, a form of resistance” – said Nicolas Humbert, as he presented his film Wild Plants on the last day of our festival. While listening to Nicolas, I couldn’t stop thinking that patience and a deep, slow understanding are the main qualities of documentary makers. They take time to look at people and the earth, they watch faces and listen to experiences as we seldom allow ourselves in this crazy world. Documentary is a slow encounter with existence at its best.Wild P [...]
Ana Alexieva

Ana Alexieva

Ana Alexieva is a producer at AGITPROP, one of the most renowned and awarded Bulgarian film production companies, and project manager of Balkan Documentary Center – an innovative NGO designed to support and strengthen the documentary scene in the Balkan region. She holds an MA in media and gender studies from the Ruhr University in Germany and Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Ana is a graduate of EURODOC and EAVE European Producers Workshop. Bulgarian nomination for EMERGING PRODUCERS 2015 of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


10 Years in Europe – Up and Down and Back Again

What happened to Europe and to all of us between 2007 and 2017? Ten years ago, Romania was welcomed into the European Union and a wide majority of Romanians felt it to be the only way towards prosperity and a values-based society. Our festival too was born in the fervor of those years. Since then, One World Romania has grown side by side with the civil society and with citizens’ interest in the rule of law, the freedom of speech and the fight against corruption. The production of documentary films – a finely tuned barometer of civic involvement – has benefitted greatly from the new freedom of movement, as well as from access to European funds. 

Starting from a FILM produced in the context of Eastern European countries entering the Union, we invite you to a discussion about the developments in the past ten years and years to come. In 2017, the excitement from 10 years ago has faded under the pressure of both geopolitical anxieties and a feeling that the benefits were too little, too late, and too slow to come.  The cohesion of the Union is being tested by a wave of populism, by the rise of extreme right movements, by the frustrations of those who feel left-behind by globalization. It is the most appropriate time to ask ourselves why we have come to this point, but most of all to rebuild our strength: to remind ourselves about the values we share, the ones that are worth fighting for. 

The event will be held in English.
The access is free

Ovidiu Nahoi, journalist

Angela Cristea, the Head of European Commision-Representation in Romania
Monika Štěpánová, founding director One World Romania
Elena Calistru, president of Funky Citizens

The event is organized in partnership with European Commission- Representation in Romania