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OWR 10. The Day After.

„Slowness is, nowadays, a form of resistance” – said Nicolas Humbert, as he presented his film Wild Plants on the last day of our festival. While listening to Nicolas, I couldn’t stop thinking that patience and a deep, slow understanding are the main qualities of documentary makers. They take time to look at people and the earth, they watch faces and listen to experiences as we seldom allow ourselves in this crazy world. Documentary is a slow encounter with existence at its best.Wild P [...]
Mikael Opstrup

Mikael Opstrup

Most of the 1980s Mikael worked in distribution and theatrical release of documentaries. Attended script writing at the Danish Film School in 1988. Freelance producer up through the 1990s. Organized Films from the South Festival in 1995 - '98. Production adviser at the Danish Film Institute 1998 - 2002. Attended EAVE in 1998/99. Since 2000 Mikael has worked as tutor at a large number of workshops and forums around the world. In 2002 – 2008 co-owner and producer at Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen where he produced a number of international documentaries. Board member of EDN from 2005 to 2008, the last year as chairman. Since 2009 he serves as lead production tutor at Ex Oriente Film Workshop. Since 2011 Head of Studies at EDN. Mikael is editor of The EDN Co-production Guide.


Coalition of Fear

You would not think that marriage and family are something to be afraid of — but, for the three million Romanian citizens who signed a petition asking for the Constitution to be reviewed to explicitly prevent marriage between same-sex partners - it seems that they are. Granted, there was no danger of gay marriage lurking in Romanian law: on the contrary, the Civil Code explicitly prohibits even domestic partnerships. Yet a combination of political conservatism with religious activism between unlikely allies in the Orthodox and neo-Protestant worlds made a sizable number of our compatriots to demand a referendum banning something that does not exist under Romanian law. This brought into sharp relief the need to address the concerns and anxieties of the majority population, to build on existing allies and expand coalitions in support of the basic right to be and love and live with the people we choose. This panel will explore specific modes of social action in support of the rights of sexual minorities in our part of the world. 

The event will be held in English.

The access is free.


Mona Nicoară, filmmaker and human rights activist


Vlad Viski, president of MosaiQ

Florin Buhuceanu, executive president ACCEPT

Katarzyna Remin, Board Member "Campaign against Homophobia" (PL)

Iaromira Popovici, redactor Dilema Veche