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OWR 10. The Day After.

„Slowness is, nowadays, a form of resistance” – said Nicolas Humbert, as he presented his film Wild Plants on the last day of our festival. While listening to Nicolas, I couldn’t stop thinking that patience and a deep, slow understanding are the main qualities of documentary makers. They take time to look at people and the earth, they watch faces and listen to experiences as we seldom allow ourselves in this crazy world. Documentary is a slow encounter with existence at its best.Wild P [...]
Kaarle Aho

Kaarle Aho

Kaarle Aho has a Master of Arts degree in History from the University of Helsinki and is an EURODOC-graduate 2004. He founded in 1996, together with Kai Nordberg, Making Movies Oy, a Helsinki based production company that has produced more than 40 documentaries and ten feature films as well as two TV-dramas and several short films. He has also written two documentary films and a short film. Kaarle was also a co-producer of Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence, an Oscar nominee in 2016.


Civil Society Pitch: The Invisibles

*Winner of Civil Society Pitch Award 2016

Director: Iulia Stoian

Project partners: Centrul FILIA & Funky Citizens 

Romania has one of the largest numbers of unregistered people in the EU, many of them born and living in marginalized Roma communities. With no access to public education, health services or legal jobs, the unregistered find themselves invisible to the authorities. The film follows the bureaucratic and emotionally complicated journey of Ionela, a Roma mother, who wants to obtain IDs for her daughter. The Invisibles was born during Civil Society Pitch in 2016, where film director Iulia Stoian teamed up with the activists from FILIA and Funky Citizens. This year, at the second edition of the workshop, they will share their experience with the new participants and show work-in-progress material from the film.




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