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OWR 10. The Day After.

„Slowness is, nowadays, a form of resistance” – said Nicolas Humbert, as he presented his film Wild Plants on the last day of our festival. While listening to Nicolas, I couldn’t stop thinking that patience and a deep, slow understanding are the main qualities of documentary makers. They take time to look at people and the earth, they watch faces and listen to experiences as we seldom allow ourselves in this crazy world. Documentary is a slow encounter with existence at its best.Wild P [...]
Codru Vrabie

Codru Vrabie

Codru Vrabie is interested in corruption issues, working in the field of good governance as an activist, trainer and consultant. He has a BA in Political Sciences and Law and an MA in European Affairs and Public Administration. During many years he represented various civil society organizations. Now he works with Funky Citizens on projects that aim to educate and stimulate people’s participation in civic activities.



dans#wanderer is a performance on the move which counts on the surprise element in engaging, on one side, passers-by in the street, friends enjoying a coffee in a bar, people going shopping or simply waiting for something, and, on the other side, performance afficionados, in an immediate experience, not mediated by the presence of a stage. How free are we and how much do we censor ourselves in responding to a challenge to participate and which is the truth of this experience? Who is afraid of the artists or of anyone proposing something different?

Cosmin Manolescu will perform every day during the festival, at different times and places. Dance with him without fear if you meet him in the cinemas during this series of performative interventions at One World Romania.