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Over the past 20 years, documentary film photographer Kirsten Johnson has been working around the world with an astonishing diverse number of people, often in extreme circumstances. Her directorial debut is a self-portrait — a portrait of the artist as witness of past and present traumas pieced together from footage she herself shot over her long career. Johnson herself barely appears on screen, leaving her frames to reveal her presence behind the camera indirectly, through their empathy, humor, and simple humanity.  A film that is as cinematic as it is formally inventive and moving. 

awards and festivals

2016 - Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK, Grand Jury Award 

2016 - Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA, Tribute Award  
2016 - Sundance Film Festival, USA 
2016 - SXSW Film Festival, USA 
2016 - HotDocs International Film Festival, Canada 
2016 - San Francisco International Film Festival, USA, Best Documentary Feature


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