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Samuel en las Nubes

full program

15 March, 20:30, Union

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului

16 March, 18:00, Elvire Popesco

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului


When he was a child, Samuel saw a picture of a skier on a snowy mountainside and instantly knew what he wanted to do when he was older. Years later, he made his dream come true when he learned to ski and found a job working on an old ski lift on the Chacaltaya glacier in Bolivia. For generations his family lived and worked on the snowy mountains, but now the glacier has disappeared. Tourists come but mostly go, while scientists collect data and predict that within ten to twenty years the inhabitants of the Andes will be confronted with a severe water shortage due to the disappearance of the glaciers. Still, Samuel honors the mountain spirits and keeps hoping that the glacier will come back one day. A visually astonishing film, Samuel in the Clouds is the moving portrait of a man living with climate change at his doorstep. 

awards and festivals

2016 - Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago, Chile 

2016 - Chicago International Film Festival, USA 
2016 - Budapest International Documentary Film Festival, Hungary