One World Romania 11. Get Real!

One World Romania 11. Get Real!

The 11th edition of the International Human Rights and Documentary Festival will take place between March 16th and 25th 2018 in Bucharest. 2018 is a year of many historical celebrations - 100 years passed since the Great Unification of Romania and 170 years passed from the Revolution in 1848.One World Romania 11 presents in 2018 the world and the reality around us - from a historical perspective - firstly, we look at our past to better understand how it influences o [...]
One World Romania 11. Get Real!

Policy on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data

The protection of your personal data is important to us, so we pay special attention to protecting the privacy of visitors ("target persons") who access the One World Romania Association website -, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).Please pay special attention to reading th [...]
One World Romania 11. Get Real!

One World Romania 11 Week @ CINEPUB

The 11th edition of the International Human Rights & Documentary Festival ended on Sunday, 25th March. We’ve spent together 10 amazing days, despite the unfriendly weather conditions. 10 full days in which we screened 90 films, debated on current topics with more than 100 guests and in which we very happy to receive so many involved festival goers.   Next week (March 26th – April 1st) seven documentaries from the line-up of the 11th edition of One World Romania will [...]
One World Romania 11. Get Real!

OWR11 - Q&A Guests, March 25th

ARCUB 11:00,Small Talk  *- followed by a Q&A with Iaromira Popovici (journalist), moderated by Mona Nicoară 13:30,Absent Without Leave 16:00,Childhood *- followed by a Q&A with Maria Katharina Mykløen Hustad, the director’s daughter, moderated by Adina Brădeanu   Cinema Elvire Popesco 11:00,Fighting Through the Night 17:00,Sand and Blood * - followed by a Q&A with directors Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel, moderated by Alexa [...]
One World Romania 11. Get Real!

The Other Side of Everything – The One World Romania 11 Award

Saturday evening at Eforie Cinematheque the High School Student Jury of the International Human Rights & Documentary Festival One World Romania awarded the film The Other Side of Everything directed by Mila Turajlić.   After viewing the 10 films in the competition, this is how the five high school students, Dalesia, Ada, Petra, Mihai and Ioana, motivated their decision: “The subject-matter of the documentary made us think of the recent h [...]
Leni Gruber

Leni Gruber

Leni Gruber (b. 1991, Austria) is a film student. In 2012 she started studying production and screenwriting at Vienna Film Academy. She worked on several short films with Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel. Other films: Ende September (producer, 2015).


Scar | Exhibition and Debate

The Scar exhibition is the result of a radical life change: four years ago the photographer Cosmin Bumbuț and the journalist Elena Stancu moved in a trailer to work on a project on the culture of violence in Romania. This theme will be the central topic of a debate with the authors and Andreea Bragă, executive director of FILIA Centre, on Thursday, March 15th, starting at 19.30.

The exhibition is organised with support from the Sensiblu Foundation.

Cosmin Bumbuț: 

Four years ago I moved in a trailer together with my girlfriend, the journalist Elena Stancu, to work on a project on the culture of violence in Romania. We tried to understand why is it that Romanian men hurt the ones they’re supposed to love the most: their children and wives.

 I filmed a woman who was in prison because, after years of suffering, she had killed the man who was beating her. I met a teenage girl who had been whipped, beaten with a chain and with the vineyard rods by her father. I photographed a mother of nine who was being tortured by her husband and who was beaten to death two years later. I met a woman in a shelter, the wife of a police man, whom I didn’t photograph out of fear that her husband might find her and kill her.

 I took photos of priests who were telling women to stick by their husbands and bear it all, of parents who told me that beating their kids is a means to make them learn how to behave, of men who had killed their girlfriends.

These images don’t simply tell the stories of the victims. These images tell the stories of communities who tolerate domestic violence and who “don’t meddle in other families’ business”.

The opening hours for the exhibition are 16.00 - 19.00, from Monday to Sunday. . 



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