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Alpha Beta Gamma

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21 March, 16:00, ARCUB, Sala Arcelor

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului Dragoș Turea


The film is built on secret confessions and testimonies of the scientists who were directly involved in the implementation of radioactive experiments, when the Republic of Moldova became the most important experimental field of application of atomic energy in Soviet agriculture. It presents, for the very first time, the activity radioactive Gamma-Units, which for many decades – were considered strictly confidential information and guarded as a state secret by the authorities and what is left of these research centers nowadays. The movie researches the main elements of radiobiology: genetic mutations, radiological stimulation, and of course, the moral aspects underlying the use of such technology. Alpha Beta Gamma attempts to answer questions of utmost significance about maintaining the natural progress of evolution, the threats posed by radiation biology and the truly global risks and danger represented by the vast radioactive waste storage facilities and sites. 

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Dragoș Turea