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António e Catarina

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17 March, 14:00, Cinemateca Union

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizoarei Cristina Haneș


A young filmmaker is recording. The one in front of the camera is almost 70 years old. We’re probably somewhere in Lisbon, but we never leave António’s little apartment. Over the course of 3 years, the director enters and exits his life. Their relationship seems to be constantly mediated by the presence of the camera: both as hindrance and as bargaining chip, shielding them against overly intimate advances and prompting confessions. It’s almost always night. Life can be seen through the window. António is bleak, trapped between the walls of his thoughts, between memories and the need to communicate. The one he calls Catarina, the one that comes and goes, will outlive him. What will remain is an artfully filmed chamber play, a morbid and erotic nocturne. 

awards and festivals

2017: Locarno IFF -  Pardino d’Oro for Best International Short Film

2017: DocLisboa IFF

2017: Uppsala International Short Film Festival

2017: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

2017: TRANSCINEMA - Festival Internacional de Cine