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Jonas Mekas

Original Title

As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty


This nearly five hours long film by Jonas Mekas is truly an ode to the everyday. For several decades, the filmmaker has caught on film his family, his friends, neighbors, or apparently incidental details of existence. His ambition was that of casting an Impressionist touch to the images, thus reflecting his state-of-mind from the moment of their recording. Hence, he’s elaborated an unmistakable style which immediately conveys exuberance and melancholy as a consequence of the rhythm with which the images are edited together and of increasing and decreasing their frame rate. Mekas’ warm and whimsical voice, which accompanies the home movies and transfers on to them eclectic meanings, the diary-style inserts, the recurring music used in unexpected moments – all these elements come together in forging one of the most impressive films made, whose rhythm and structure manage to faithfully capture the dissonances and epiphanies of everyday life.

awards and festivals

2000: London Film Festival