The Rules of Law

Our festival’s relationship to the theme of justice is not circumstantial, that predates the recent attacks on the judiciary in Romania: each year we’ve had a thematic section on justice. But recent events only confirm what the films we programmed each year hinted at: the rule of law should never be taken for granted, it is a fragile construct always vulnerable to political interference, corrupt interests, and systemic inequality. The films selected this year reflect this complex landscape. They unpack the huge responsibility of judging, the undercurrents of law on several continents, and the trials and tribulations of people and peoples churning through the spinning wheels of justice. The six films selected include a comedy, two thrillers and a couple of dramas (we leave identifying them to you). They all prove that the works of law are never boring, arid, or not photogenic. As always, documentaries feed on life - and life is always, always, stranger than fiction.