The Politics of Sex (LGBTQ)

For a community such as that of Romanian LGBTQ members, who not so long ago were still being hounded even by national legislation among others, the past year must have been close to a nightmare. With the emergence of the Family Coalition and the submission of their famous letter to Parliament - signed, if we are to believe them, by a few millions - the regression on a slippery slope of intolerance and even lawful discrimination is quite near. Holding a referendum to determine whether Romania’s Constitution should be changed in order to non-inclusively redefine the term “family” is a perverse and cynical political sword unsheathed from time to time by the governing parties with a view to please their voters and distract their attention from other actions which might upset them. For this reason, we believe that the time has come to join our forces in opposition against this unscrupulous attack on a group of Romanian citizens who have long enough been deprived of their rights, punished for their identities, insulted and their human dignity trenched upon. We hope that the screenings of films in this category, the debates around them and the special events focusing on this issue will help to support the cause of the Romanian LGBTQ community, who once again is forced to fight for fundamental human rights.