Lone Fighters

It’s no secret that humanity needs role models, characters that embody our aspirations, individuals willing to cast their personal interests aside for the sake of one cause or another. Sometimes the cause is, well, acquiring a giraffe for the Qalqilya zoo; or saving lives buried under the rubble of Aleppo; or providing sex advice one person at a time in Mumbai. In the Congo or in Palestine, in Kurdistan or in India, we can always find people who carry the burden of change in their own communities, with stubborn courage. Where states are either weak or unfair, they offer life rafts: empathy, hope, solutions. Lone fighters take on the weight of a collective mission, but also the burden of their solitude, the quotidian solitude Natalia Ginzburg referred to as “the only means we have to participate in the lives of our neighbors, lost and found in identical loneliness.” Get inspired!