There are films which bemuse audiences who are accustomed to certain standardised documentary formats and formulas. And there are films which can intrigue even the most passionate of film lovers. Without catering to “all tastes” these documentaries are leading the way in contemporary world cinematic avant-garde. Given numerous accolades in prominent film festivals, the films we are referring to are constantly neglected in human-rights events, as if their audiences might not be capable of fully grasping their content. One World Romania encourages innovation, and therefore we are continuing this festival section, entirely dedicated to films that like to experiment with the cinematic language in order to convey - more often than not poetically - certain approaches to various socio-political contexts. The entire reasoning behind the existence of this category lies in our wish to indicate that the way we address the world and the problems of those who inhabit it can be manifested cinematically in various ways. And the concept of “human-rights documentary” is nowhere near as rigid as it may seem at first glance, but is permanently being reconfigured and redefined.