The Diaries of Jonas Mekas

One of the filmmakers who have managed to change our perception about the cinematic possibilities of capturing the complexities of everyday life, Jonas Mekas will live through history thanks to his many film journals. Varying in length - from only a few minutes to five hours long -, these avant-garde documentaries bear witness that this one man has walked the Earth. Far from revealing some exceptional qualities in the film-maker turned protagonist, or from transforming him into an extraordinary figure, or even noteworthy, or of public interest for that matter, Mekas’ filmed journals are solely concerned with honoring life, with all its moments of joy but also sadness, paying equal attention to both geniuses and the anonymous faces who happen to cross his path. Before it will be possible to organize a complete screening of all the works of this film-maker who we value so very much, we propose to you a focus selection, featuring two of his most surprising - and longest - films. Despite the fact that these could have just as easily found their place within other types of film festivals, we are happy that their association with human-rights will likely highlight some less talked about aspects, such as their profoundly political vein that does not deny, but only emphasizes their indisputable humanist charm.